I must admit I took one look at identi.ca and came straight out again. It
just looks messy compared to twitter. Perhaps I should take a second glance.
Saying that my twitter feeds my facebook page and I generally don't go into
facebook anymore although when I do I get a number of messages from people
who have responded to a comment I've made on twitter not on facebook! :)

PS Morning all. Snowing up here - again! :(

2009/2/10 Dave Cross <d...@dave.org.uk>

> Dave Crossland wrote:
> > 2009/2/9 Ian Forrester <ian.forres...@bbc.co.uk>:
> >> The really cool kids are on both right?
> >
> > Given that identi.ca can now supply Twitter and Facebook with messages
> > automatically itself - just pop in your login details - this isn't as
> > cool as it sounds. ;p
> Yeah. Because giving your login details to another completely unrelated
> site is completely cool.
> It astonishes me how many supposedly clued-up IT people are happy to
> break this basic security rule.
> Dave...
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