Hi guys

Quick question. Anyone know if there is a way to search /programmes
for a programme of a certain name preferably with a result in XML.

The search box at the top returns results from the entire BBC and not
just /programmes. Selecting "TV and Radio Programmes" returns
individual episodes, and as it's in HTML it would require screen

What I'm looking for is a way of sending a query such as "Top Gear"
and getting back "b006mj59" and preferably the name of the programme
incase of partial matches.

Of course it's possible to spider data from
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/a-z/by/[LETTER]/all but that would
require Screen Scrapping and 27 queries (to check for matches that
aren't at the begining of the title). But something more efficent
would be good.


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