2009/2/23 Ian Forrester <ian.forres...@bbc.co.uk>:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7899602.stm
> Via Glyn, just wondered what everyone else thought?

Isn't this an old story? I thought the Ars Technica article from
December was much better ;-)


> I specially like this part
> Said the source: "The 'creativity' argument is based on ignorance.
> "There is nothing to stop a creative person using an old recording as part of 
> their work - as long as they do not release it.
> Like to see that stand up in court...

Right - typical comment from someone whose understanding of
copyright-law is for how it was pre-DRM-law.

I liked this quote best:

""Some of them have no pensions and need this money," he said."

Shouldn't have squandered it on booze and fags then eh? :-)

(Personal opinion only.)
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