> "Some of them have no pensions and need this money," he said.
> "You are either gifted or good at business. It's rare to be both."

Perhaps they should have worked for more of their life and made NI
contributions, then they would get a state pension!

Or they could have taken out a private pension scheme?

You seriously expect us to feel sorry for people who worked for a few
years then sat on their arse doing nothing? (They couldn't have worked
for much of their working life or they would have paid NI and be
entitled to a state pension).

Do you really need to be "good at business" to pay tax and get a
private pension?

I also like:
> An industry source told the BBC that record companies were determined to
> lobby for a 95-year copyright extension, arguing it would "harmonise" Europe
> with the US.

Wouldn't lowering the US limit also achieve the same effect?
In fact technically changing all copyright durations to be 1 year
would also harmonise everything. There is no logical reason why you
can only harmonise upwards and not downwards.


Computers are like air conditioners.  Both stop working, if you open windows.
                -- Adam Heath
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