In case anyone was wondering I did go for parsing the results of
/programmes/a-z/by and everything appears to be working fine. I ran
into a slight problem where I forgot to convert HTML entities found in
the page source, but tat' mostly fixed (it can't fully handle all
named entities but the Beeb seem to using numeric ones anyway).

$ java ui.ShowSearchResults 'doctor'
Search Term: doctor
b0072v72        Doctor in the House
b006q2x0        Doctor Who
b006q2xb        Doctor Who Confidential
b006mh9v        Doctors

$ java ui.ShowEpisodes 'b006q2x0'
Programme ID: b006q2x0
Title: Doctor Who - Series 2, Doomsday
Synopsis: As the human race is caught in an intergalactic war, the
Doctor faces a greater dilemma.
Episode URL:
Availability: 2 days left to watch

All I have to do now is write the program logic and the GUI ;)

Thanks again for all the help.


$ fortune
bug, n:
        A son of a glitch.
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