Sorry it's the 30th of March... but I just wanted to make a note of the
BBCs involvement within the IMDA. Currently the BBC is a member of the
Steering Group, and has provided a Technical rep on the technical
committee. This is being headed up by BBC Audio & Music Interactive.

As the other email suggested - it's all 'early days' at the IMDA for the
moment. If anyone has any pressing questions, I'd be happy to receive
your email.

Alan Ogilvie
(IP) Interactive Platforms Producer
Distribution Technologies | Audio & Music Interactive
Room 818, BBC Henry Wood House, 3-6 Langham Place, London, W1B 3DF 


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Sent: 05 March 2009 17:41
Subject: [backstage] IMDA & metadata


Just wondered if any of you guys out there have had any truck with the
Internet Media Device Alliance (
<> ) and where we are with metadata in the
world of Internet Radio?

Best wishes 

Robert Binney  

Broadcast Infrastructure 
Future Media, Technology & Distribution
Global News Division 
BBC World Service 

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