Hi all,

I know quite a few of you have heard the Guardian Tech Weekly podcast of
last week, and in particular the bit where Jemima says that Backstage is
being wound up.  In essence she was correct, but clearly we'd like to
have made the announcement ourselves, so there will be an official
announcement from Adrian Woolard on the Backstage blog in the next day
or so. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcbackstage/

As Jemima suggested, we are trying to avoid the project grinding to a
dead stop, and we've been working hard to have elements such as data
feeds and API's integrated into the BBC's core business.  Other
elements, such as the support which we give to the community that uses
this forum, plus some internal functions which the project performed,
are also being transformed.

We're stepping up the efforts to make sure Backstage finishes properly,
and we also need all of your help to make sure that the legacy of this
effort is as successful as possible.  Over the coming weeks we are going
to try and find a way to take the best of the Backstage community into a
larger grouping.  We want to maintain a sustainable way to support you,
and engag with you, but it seems odd to balkanise this community into
small specific groups, when the real strength of open development is the
aggregation of multiple platforms, data sources and pulling all of the
above together to make new applications and services based around the
users.  So, we're going to see what we can set up that's better for you,
and, by extension, for us.
This is a community though, and a vocal one at that, so please do let us
know how you feel about this.  What have we missed, how can we do it
better, what opportunities do you think we can take but may have
overlooked?  For the moment we will continue to support this mailing
list, and we'll probably pop into the "friends of" now and again if
we're welcome too. 

Thanks for your support, and sincere apologies that you've heard it
first second hand,



Ant Miller, Senior Research Manager

mobile: +44 (0)7809 597757
BBC Research & Development
South Lab, BBC Centre House
56 Wood Lane
W12 7SB

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