Tristan Stahnke wrote:
> On 12/6/06, Chris Purves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I have a problem where a scheduled smb backup does not run.  The home
>> page for that machine shows 'Pings to king-graham have failed 109
>> consecutive times.'
>> However, I can ping the machine from the command line and I can manually
>> start an incremental backup after which the home page shows 'Pings to
>> king-graham have succeeded 2 consecutive times.'
> I had a similar problem on my home network when I set the DHCP flag in
> the conf/hosts file to 1.  Setting it to 0 seemed to fix that problem.
> Since I don't have a DNS server on my home network I'm guessing it
> wasn't able to properly query the router for DHCP information, but it
> was still able to communicate to the client when I manually started a
> backup.  If you manually specify the host in /etc/hosts and can ping
> it from the commandline, I believe setting the DHCP flag to 0 should
> fix the problem.  Granted if the IP address of king-graham changes
> perhaps something else is amiss. Good luck.
Okay, I set the DHCP flag to 0, and that seems to have fixed the 
problem.  Thanks for the help.

After checking the docs for the DHCP flag, I found that you should only 
set the flag to 1 if nmblookup (or gethostbyname) fails.  In this case 
you need to specify a range of IP addresses and backuppc will query 
those specific addresses to request the hostname from those machines. 
Now that I understand this better, it's clear that I should have set the 
flag to 0.  Thanks Tristan for pointing me in the right direction.


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