I have a problem.   I am looking for a way to archive hosts to our tape library 
for offsite storage.  However, the tape library is fully used by the horrible 
backup solution, NetVault by BakBone.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get rid 
of NetVault and must coexist.  I have to find a way to backup hosts from 
BackupPC to the NetVault owned library and restore when necessary. 

I'm worried about the disk structure of BackupPC in this regard.  It seems that 
I wouldn't be able to easily backup a specific host and restore individual 
files or directories from that host without restoring the entire BackupPC data 
store.  I cannot avoid using tapes because of the amount of data we are dealing 
with.  It is also unacceptable to have to restore the entire BackupPC data 
store for an individual file or directory, as it is too large. 

Is there a way I can archive host backups in a way that has unmangled names 
without compression or tar?  If not, is there a way that I can insert a 
specific host's archive back into an existing BackupPC data store for handling 
via the CGI interface?  

One last thing, as a side note.  I'm not really sure I understand the rationale 
of having full backups and incremental when using RSync.  

Ryan Kather

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