Christian Bock wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to an existing BackupPC server. It was set up a long time ago
> and worked fine but the machine died. So the config Files were moved to
> a new server where BackupPC was installed via RPM on ubuntu.
> Backups are working fine, but old Backups won't get removed, so the HDD
> is running out of space very quickly. I found a script to remove single
> backups by hand, but I want it to be done automatically.
> I know that I didn't provide a lot info so far, but if you know where to
> srart searching for the problem, I'd be greatful if you pointed me there
> and/or ask for additional info
> Thank you in advance
> Christian Bock
You should provide us with your configuration. Especially:

Furthermore please send us information of already stored backups of the
relevant host. Please provide backup-date, backup-number and backup-type.

Don't Panic

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