> On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 05:52:26PM +0200, Marcus Hardt wrote:
>> [..]
>> > I think it does the basic permissions that map to unix
>> > equivalents.  It doesn't preserve acls, nor does it have any way
>> > to work around the existing ones - so you may have files that
>> > you can read in the backups but can't write back over the
>> > existing copy
>> Right. There might be files already the image restoration done in
>> an earlier step.
>> Would s.th. like this work:
>> 1: Restore an half year old image, using dd (for partition table and
>> MBR's
>> sake)
>> 2; Mount it
>> 3: "rm -rf" it
>> 4: Copy the backup
>> Or would this kill the windows installation at some point?
> 0.o
> I really don't think that would work.

It would not work, nor is it possible, since Windows can't delete files
that are in use.

For restoring an entire XP box, this procedure worked for me:


> The big thing here is that you *can't modify open files in Windows*.
> That includes all of the system libraries.  This is probably the
> source of a lot of your trouble.
> So you can't rm -rf the OS (and even if you could, yes, everything
> would break as soon as you hit the wrong library).
> It sounds like you're trying to restore the Windows *OS*, rather
> than just the data.  This strikes me as a very bad idea.  Install
> the OS normally, and restore just the data files.
> -Robin

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