I've been using BackupPC successfully for years to back up and restore Windows clients (XP,Vista,Win7). I'm successfully backing up Win10 clients, but I can't get restores to work.

I get the following error message on all Win10 clients... "Restore failed on dhcp8 (auth required, but service is open/insecure)"

My config files are identical across all Windows clients (currently Win7/Win10) and I'm able to successfully restore to Win7 clients, but not to Win10 clients. As I mentioned, I can back up Win10 clients successfully.

I can also perform a manual restore to the client from the server using "/rsync /tmp/test xxx@dhcp8::cDrive/rsyncd/test/".

I'm using cygwin-rsyncd-2.6.8_0 as the Windows client, and rsyncd from the BackupPC server.

The server is CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 and the BackupPC version is BackupPC-3.3.1-1.el7.x86_64.

Here's the client config file...

   /use chroot = false//
   //max connections = 1//
   //log file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.log//
   //pid file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.pid//
   //lock file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.lock//
   //    path = c://
   //    comment = Entire Drive//
   //    auth users = xxx//
   //    secrets file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.secrets//
   //    hosts allow = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx//
   //    strict modes = false//
   //    read only = false//
   //    list = false/

Here's the pertinent server config info for the Windows clients. Everything else is pretty much stock from 3.3.1 config file.

   /$Conf{FullKeepCnt} = 4 ;//
   //$Conf{XferMethod} = "rsyncd";//
   //$Conf{RsyncdUserName} = "xxx";//
   //$Conf{RsyncdPasswd} = "xxx";//
   //$Conf{RsyncShareName} = "cDrive";/

Here's the full error log when trying to perform a restore...

   /Contents of file /data1/BackupPC//pc/dhcp8/RestoreLOG.6.z, modified
   2016-12-01 12:32:03//
   //Connected to dhcp8:873, remote version 29//
   //Negotiated protocol version 28//
   //Error connecting to module  at dhcp8:873: auth required, but
   service  is open/insecure//
   //restore failed: auth required, but service  is open/insecure/

The client's log file shows only the following...

   /2016/12/01 12:32:02 [10100] connect from server.domain
   //2016/12/01 12:32:02 [10100] module-list request from server.domain

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, many thanks to Craig Barratt for this excellent backup tool.

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