Dear BackupPC Users, 

recently I made a mistake: 

I moved a share "data" from an old server A to a new server B. Then on
my BackupPC I deleted "A:data", created the new host B and added a
share "data" to the new one, having "B:data". Naively I assumed that
this would keep also the history from "A:data" ... 

Because some other shares on A have still to be backed up, I started
BackupPC. This resulted in file removal inside the history snapshots
of "A:data" via trash cleaning. As soon as I have detected this, I
stopped BackupPC. Because the amount of files is rather huge, the
removal was not completed. 

Now my questions:
- how can I temporarily prevent BackupPC from deleting files? 
- how can I find out, which files have been deleted? 
- what would have been the correct way of migrating a share from one
  host to another? 
- I have another BackupPC-service running which holds several of the
  presumably removed files; how could I merge them to reconstruct my

Thanks for any advice and best regards

T. Finke

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