On 2018-02-16 01:05, Marc Gilliatt wrote:
I've just tried the _/configure.pl --batch --cgi-dir
/var/www/cgi-bin/BackupPC --data-dir /var/lib/backuppc --backuppc01
backuppc  --html-dir /var/www/html/BackupPC' _command, and it hasn't
worked I'm afraid, I tried reinstalling the Bakcuppc-41.3 tar file
again, and gave it the full correct paths, and when I try to restart
the service I'm still getting _Job for backuppc.service failed because
the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status
backuppc.service" and "_journalctl_ -_xe_" for details. _With regards
to the SCGI port number, do I set it to -1 or give it a port number?

__And I'm still getting the internal error in the GUI. I don't
understand why this has happened, all I did was upgraded the software,
it looks like I'm going to have to re-raid my server and start

Is there any way to roll back to my previous version of BackupPC

Moving from an installation package to a source-based install can be a bit of a trial, depending on how much the norms of that distro and packaging system deviate from the tarball. Version 4 is a fairly dramatic leap as well, which complicates things further.

First, though, I'll address your question and give you the good news: since you never actually launched BackupPC 4, your repository is instact and in the expected location for your distro. Therefore, to revert to the previous version, you need only delete the tarball's files, and install the distro's version.

N.B. preserve your config.pl and return it to its original location, as your distro may assume it is a new installation and do god-knows-what to your config.pl. Some are kinder than others.


The SCGI question is a bit harder to answer without knowing what other choices you've made. Since I have set up SCGI, I match the port to what I have set up within Apache... which can be anything, as long as the number in Apache and in config.pl are the same. If I had not set up SCGI, I'd set it to -1.

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