BackupPC 4.2.0 <> has
been released on Github.

The changes since 4.1.5
<> are listed
below.  The biggest change is a new feature in the web interface
written by @moisseev
that allows prior backups to be deleted.



# Version 4.2.0, 8 Apr 2018

Merged pull requests #160, #190.

* Backups can now be deleted via the CGI interface, written by @moisseev

* bin/BackupPC_backupDelete: added -L option that puts output into client
  LOG file, to support CGI backup deletion.

* Added support for a user-editable comment per host, via a new
  config parameter, requested by @andrewmaksymowsky.

* bin/BackupPC_tarExtract: Added support for pax headers, which smbclient
  uses for long file names

* bin/BackupPC_backupDelete: make sure directory exists when renaming tree
  from deleted backup.

* lib/BackupPC/Xfer/ ignore empty output lines from smbclient;
  fixes issue #159.

* bin/BackupPC: improved several of the exit error messages.

* lib/BackupPC/Xfer/ added shareName to RsyncArgs* argument
  substitutions; suggested by Alex Kobel.

* conf/BackupPC_stnd.css: removed import url(''
  suggested by @MartijnRas in issue #174.
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