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Craig Barratt via BackupPC-users <backuppc-users@lists.sourceforge.net>

> It's probably benign (sorry I can't be very definitive).  Just to be
> safe, you could browse the backup tree to make sure those files are
> stored correctly.

Yup, the first thing I did (and forgot to mention:/)
All logged files are present and accounted.

If it has an importance, it was files from the server itself (accessed
by it's FQDN, like any other machine.)

> This is pretty old code; you should consider upgrading to 4.x.

I did (and it it was a reaaal PITA to erase the whole arborescence), but
I came back to v3 very fast, because:

* it took about twice the time v3 takes for the first backup,

* incrementals were incredibly long compared to v3,

* I had a problem on a machine for which I stopped incremental twice in
  a row for some reasons: the process before a new backup could take
  place (duno remember it's name) failed and prevented to make further
  backups for this machine,

OTOH, v3 was faster than light compared to v4 and stopping incrementals
did not produce any bad things - as a matter of fact, v3 is really rock
solid (from everything it beared at home without a single failure.)

This was on a home installation and the only modification to the server
between versions was a re-formatting of the backup repo disk from XFS to
EXT4 (it stays in EXT4), but from that, I'll never flip to v4 in
production before being absolutely sure that this kind of behavior has
been eradicated from BPC.
(and hardlinks won't soon be a PB, as a flip to ZFS for the BPC repo will
take place after summer.)

Sooo, it was quite a bad experiment - may be it was "something" I didn't
see, may be it was "bad luck", but I never have had this kind of problem
with v3.


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