does anybody have a tip on this? Both my computers (Win10, Ubuntu 17.10)
have already aged to the point of making their first full backups on their
own, and the 'problem' persists: rsync --checksum only checksums files on
the client, not the server.
I find this strange because not only the manual says otherwise, but there
are comments on this list and a even a feature request mentioning the slow
checksuming on server during full backups!
I'd appreciate any help to elucidate what's happening on my system. I need
cheksuming working on the server for data integrity reasons. Thanks!

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 10:44 PM Guillermo Rozas <guille2...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I've recently installed BackupPC 4.2.1 on my home server (ARMBIAN
> 5.38), and I'm trying to understand the behavior of rsync's --checksum
> option on V4.
> According to the docs, V4 doesn't have checksum caching, so I was
> expecting the server to read and checksum all the files during a full
> backup. What I'm seeing is the complete opposite: is seems my server
> is not checksuming any file during a full backup with the --checksum
> option. Reading operations on the backup disk are kept to a minimum
> (less than 300kB/s). Is this the expected behavior or maybe I have a
> problem somewhere?
> For reference, the same backup using --ignore-times maxes out the
> server's capacity at 20MB/s. In both cases the client behaves as
> expected, checksuming everything. Actually, the duration time of a
> full --checksum backup is essentially defined by the reading speed of
> the client disk, although I know that the server's reading speed is
> much slower (all this is running a full backup immediately after an
> incremental, so no files are transferred).
> Any help will be appreciated. I can send log files if needed.
> Best regards,
> Guillermo
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