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>On 2018-08-04 10:55, daggs wrote:
>>I have a windows installation running inside a kvm vm, for past experience, backup using the samba protocol is unreliable (mostly permissions issue which cause the backup to fail).
>This is probably why rsync is the protocol of choice for Windows rather than smb.
mmm, I'm not aware of a native rsync protocol for windows, how can I set this up? maybe it will solve all my issues without workarounds
>>so I'v decided to try a different approach, I want to run a script on the vm's host prior to the backup, preform the backup only if it doesn't fails, run the backup and run another script on the vm's host in the same manner as the pre.
>Sure, this is the kind of thing DumpPreUserCmd is designed for. I'm not sure how this is a different approach, or how it relates to solving your protocol issue, though.
I want to run an ssh cmd on the remote server that will mount the image locally into a folder to which I can access via rsync.
>>the main idea is to mount the image remotely, use rsync to backup and unmount the image.
>Naturally, the image will not be able to be pooled.
I need the content of the image, hence the mount part.
>>does backuppc supports the able features?
>What is an “able feature?”
pre and post dump
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