On 09/19/16 10:02, Josef Ridky wrote:
> Hi, I am new co-maintainer of bacula in RHEL and Fedora.
> Following issue [1] has been reported to me to solve.
> Can somebody help me, how to solve this issue? I know, that bacula version in 
> reported issue is really old so if it was already fixed, please send me just 
> link to commit/patch/forum thread etc.
> [1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1376453
> Thanks for your help.

5.0 is ancient.  It was released in 2010.  And your ticket shows you're
not even running the latest 5.0.x release, you're running the original
5.0.0 release.

The very FIRST thing I'd suggest would be to at least update your
packages to 5.0.3 and retest against all the existing known 5.0.x bug
fixes.  Nobody is going to go back and fix 5.0.0 bugs that have not been
re-verified against 5.0.3.  Better would be to ship the latest 5.x
release, 5.2.13.  But for Fedora at least, why are you shipping a 5.x
release at all?  Surely Fedora should be shipping the current Bacula 7.4

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