Hello Heitor,

I remember your question. You have already asked about it in November
2017. Just after I added to the repository the new chapter about using
Baculum config part. You can see these changes in the docs repository:


However unfortunatelly from that time no new HTML documentation was
generated so you can't find it on the docs pages yet.

Best regards.
Marcin Haba (gani)

On 2 February 2018 at 20:07, Heitor Faria <hei...@bacula.com.br> wrote:
> Dear Bacula Developers/Users,
> I know it is not documented
> (http://www.bacula.org/9.0.x-manuals/en/console/Baculum_API_Web_GUI_Tools.html#SECTION00340000000000000000),
> but I was still figuring out how to use the Baculum Config Endpoint.
> I'm not sure how to set the following "parameters..." values:
> "API.Config"
> pattern="api/config/{component_type}/{resource_type}/{resource_name}/"
> parameters.component_type="[a-z]+" parameters.resource_type="[a-zA-Z]+"
> parameters.resource_name="[a-zA-Z0-9:.\-_ ]+"
> Is there any example?
> Regards,
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