On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 12:32:23PM +0200, Giuseppe wrote:

> I'm looking for bacula codes about jobstatus, but I can't
> find them in the bacula online manual. (Am I blind? ehehe )

They're stored in the database:

    bacula=# select * from status;

     jobstatus |          jobstatuslong
     C         | Created, not yet running
     R         | Running
     B         | Blocked
     T         | Completed successfully
     E         | Terminated with errors
     e         | Non-fatal error
     f         | Fatal error
     D         | Verify found differences
     A         | Canceled by user
     F         | Waiting for Client
     S         | Waiting for Storage daemon
     m         | Waiting for new media
     M         | Waiting for media mount
     s         | Waiting for storage resource
     j         | Waiting for job resource
     c         | Waiting for client resource
     d         | Waiting on maximum jobs
     t         | Waiting on start time
     p         | Waiting on higher priority jobs
    (19 rows)

-- John Kodis.

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