On 06/15/10 11:24, duxbuz wrote:
> I have conf files with long passwords in, prob encrypted or masked.
> I need to alter the passwords, do i just add a new string? if so hows it get 
> masked?
> Cant seem to find mention in documentation.
> Or do i use the console to set passwords?

The console has no functionality to set passwords.  You set passwords by
editing the configuration files, making sure you use the same password
in the Director and the client's or storage daemon's configuration file
(and, for Catalog access, in your database).  To change a password, just
replace the password string in both places where it's used
(bacula-dir.conf and one of bacula-fd.conf, bacula-sd.conf, or your
database) and restart the affected Bacula daemons.  The password string
can contain absolutely anything you like and can be of any length.  As
best I recall, it is sent across the network as an MD5 hash, not in clear.

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