I'd like to announce that the project Bacula-Web has reloaded.
As confirmed by Kern and Eric, I'll be the new official maintener.

Bacula-Web was initially written by Juan Luis Frances a few years ago.
I'm just looking forward to continue the development of this project by
implementing new features and fixing bugs.

Bacula-Web is not currently in a "stable" state, there's a lot of bugs to
fix and enhancement which have to be developed.

Here's a list of features and improvments I've planned to develop in the
next 6 month

      - Improve support for MySQL, postgreSQL and SQLite
      - Make Bacula-Web more W3C compliant (already done in the last patch)
      - Improve the design (more dynamic interface)
      - Customizable dashboard
      - Authentication and ACL
      - Custom reporting options
      - etc ...

The latest source code of Bacula-Web is available in the Bacula's git repo
(Branch-5.1) or
available through this url

Feel free to submit new bug reports or feature requests in the dedicated
Mantis Bug Tracking at http://bacula-web.dflc.ch/bugs

You’ll find more information about this project at http://bacula-web.dflc.ch

Best regards

Davide Franco
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