After the recent SourceForge security issues, and the fact that the site is 
often very slow, we have decided to move the Bacula git source repositories 
to our UK bacula.org server (hosted by UKFast). You can clone the new 
repositories using the following commands:

$ git clone http://git.bacula.org/bacula
$ git clone http://git.bacula.org/docs
$ git clone http://git.bacula.org/rescue

It is possible to view the contents of the git repositories by pointing your 
favorite web browser at:  http://www.bacula.org/git

We will keep the old Source Forge repository for the next few weeks, then we 
will remove it. 

For those of you doing nightly regressions, we will also adapt the regress 
environment to use the new location, it should be transparent, otherwise we 
will send you instructions of what to do.


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