On 03/09/11 09:55, Simone Martina wrote:
> On 03/09/2011 02:28 PM, Bartłomiej Syryjczyk wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      Is it possible to install storage daemon only from sources and in 
>> this case is the MySQL is needed?
>> I've got director and catalog on different machine without connection to 
>> tabe library, and want to install SD on another host.
> Yes, if you lounch ./configure --help you can see that using
> --disable-build-dird --without-mysql you should compile only the storage
> deamon.
> Anyway, I'have not try this on my installations.

Actually, this is not correct.  You still need to specify the correct
catalog DB engine when building only the storage daemon, because the
storage daemon includes the storage daemon tools - btape, bscan etc -
and some of those tools (bscan in particular) need to be able to access
the catalog database directly without going through the Director.

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