I'm proud to announce you that the alpha version of Bacula-Web 5.1.0 is 
available for download

After I've spent the last 6 month to provide a more efficient and bug fewer 
tools, here's what you can expect from this version.

PHP4 support ...

For security and performance reasons, PHP4 support has been totally removed 
from this version. You should use PHP version 5.0.0 at least.

Configuration file ...

The configuration file has been totally reviewed, it's now a PHP script.

SQLite and postgreSQL support ...

The support of SQLite and postgreSQL has been hugely improved, especially for 
SQLite users.

Improved interface ...

The interface of Bacula-Web has been completely reviewed and  (re-written).
This version include

  - A new Dashboard
  - A more efficient test page
  - A backup job report page
  - A page that shows each pool with volumes information
  - ...

More W3C compliant ...

A lot of effort has been dedicated to html, css and javascript code of 

Translations ...

There were lots of changes in templates since the last version, so the new file 
messages.po will be made available on the web site soon (Translating section)

Documentation ...

The documentation section on the project site will be updated as soon as 
Installation and configuration steps are explained in the file INSTALL.txt in 
the root folder.

All others informations still available trough the official project site 

Bugs and feedbacks ...

In line with functionality of previous versions, it is still possible create a 
bug report in the bug tracking tool for Bacula-Web.
Don't forget to specify the version 5.1-alpha.

In the meantime, you may drop me an email if you have any questions or 

Best regards
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