Dear all,

I need a more clear explanation on bacula retentions.

Here's an example of what I would like to define on my director

Pool {
  Name = Full
  Pool Type = Backup
  Volume Retention = 2 weeks

JobDefs {
  Job Retention = 4 weeks
  File Retention = 6 months

and so on ....

Assuming that I scheduled an incremental job every day and at the end of the
month (eg. last Saturday), I scheduled a full backup of my client.
What about my previous full backup if I defined the job retention to 4 weeks
(should be 2 months - 1 day).

If the volume retention is applied without taking care of the Job retention,
I'll not be able to restore an incremental job without the previous full
(that has been deleted by the volume retention).

Am I right ?

Thanks for your feedback.

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