W dniu 11.08.2011 20:47, Martin Simmons pisze:
>> I did some research, and found two things:
>> 1. There are other one-file jobs that span across volumens, and they
>> restore without problems. So crossing volumens is not a problem here.
>> 2. I found other (three) jobs with problems. All of them behave in the
>> same way as one decribed earlier. They differ from working job by having
>> EndBlock set to 0 (zero).
> Hmm, it looks like that might be the problem.  I had assumed that EndBlock=0
> was normal, but it might not be.

According to block.c [1] it looks like:
- EndBlock holds 32 less significant bits of block address
- EndFile holds 32 most significant bits of block address

In that case both fields set to 0, point to beginning of Volumen. Do I
miss something?

As a side note, variable names were completely misleading to me :/

> The trace output didn't show the filename to restore, so that suggests that
> the bacula-fd didn't see data from the first volume, hence it didn't create
> the file.
> What to the JobMedia entries look like for working jobs span across volumes?

mysql> select * from JobMedia where JobId = 8280214\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
JobMediaId: 6768001
     JobId: 8280214
   MediaId: 3339
FirstIndex: 1
 LastIndex: 1
 StartFile: 0
   EndFile: 0
StartBlock: 258294
  EndBlock: 6868847
  VolIndex: 2
    Stripe: 0
*************************** 2. row ***************************
JobMediaId: 6767996
     JobId: 8280214
   MediaId: 3393
FirstIndex: 1
 LastIndex: 1
 StartFile: 1
   EndFile: 1
StartBlock: 4262595384
  EndBlock: 4294942311
  VolIndex: 1
    Stripe: 0

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