It has been a while since I have sent a Bacula status report, so it is a 
bit longer than usual.  In this report, I have five things to mention:

1. Bacula Systems Support Job
2. Bacula Training course
3. Bacula Release version 5.2.0
4. No rpms for version 5.2.0
5. New Bacula Systems CEO

1. Bacula Systems Support Job:

Recently I announced on these lists a Bacula Systems Support Job in the 
US, and I am very pleased to say that several members of the community 
showed an interest and shortly we will have a new employee (details to 
be announced next status report) that came from among you :-)

Bacula Systems now has a similar position open in Europe, so if you like 
working with Bacula, have good sys admin skills, like helping customers, 
and want to learn more about Bacula, perhaps you would be interested in 
the job that is now open.  If so, please see:


2. Bacula Training course:

Due to some last minute cancellations, we have a few places available in 
the Bacula Administration I Course that I will be teaching on the 15-17 
November in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.  The only requirement for 
this course is that you have reasonable system administrator skills on 

If you would like to learn more about the course, please go to:

    www.baculasystems.com -> Training Course Schedule

If you are with a company, I offer you a 15% discount for one person and 
more for two.  If you are a community member (not being paid by a 
company to come to the course), I can offer you a *very* substantial 
price reduction as our way of giving back to the community.
There are, however, a limited number of "community" places available in 
each course we give.  Last time I made this offer, a community member
was able to profit from it, and I hope you can do the same.

If you are interested in the community discount, please send me an email 
directly, rather than register on the web site, and I will ensure you 
can get into the class at a discount.

This course was originally intended for beginners, but over the years we 
have been giving it, we have realized that quite a number of experienced 
Bacula users have attended the course, and they have all been very 

As mentioned above, I will either be teaching the course myself, so 
hopefully you will join me in the course and have dinner with me on the 
18 of November.

3. Bacula Release version 5.2.0

Bacula version 5.2.0 is ready.  However, I have been holding it back 
because the normal community testing is not happening.  The only user 
helping us to test is DassIT (thanks very much). This means that the new 
version has not been tested enough on FreeBSD, Mac OS, and Solaris.
That said, I have done preliminary building and testing on Mac OS and
a number of Linux releases (RedHat, Ubuntu, SLES).

This is a major feature upgrade with quite a number of bug fixes as 
well.  It is in the current git repo (hosted on bacula.org).
In any case, we will be releasing it probably this weekend -- hopefully 
by then community members will have done additional testing.

4. No rpms for version 5.2.0

I am sorry to announce that Scott Barninger who has long served as the 
rpm builder for many years has decided to do other things. I wish him 
the best and thank him for all the hard work he did over many years. I 
have contacted several community members, and there is a possibility 
that they will pickup building rpm binaries for us, but for the moment, 
this is not sure.  As a consequence, with much regret on my part, when 
version 5.2.0 is released, there will initially be no binaries.

5. New Bacula Systems CEO

As many of you know, over the last 6-9 months, I have been very involved 
with Bacula Systems, and now I am pleased to announce that Bacula 
Systems has a new CEO, Frank Barker. Frank started his IT career with 
Hewlett-Packard in the UK, rising through Support and Sales into 
Management before moving to the HP EMEA headquarters in Geneva to run 
their Telco, Financial Services and Global Accounts businesses. He 
subsequently ran HP's Consulting and Systems Integration business across 
EMEA, then moved to the US to setup a worldwide division around cloud 
computing. Prior to joining Bacula Systems, Frank was CEO and Managing 
Director for several technology companies in software and security and 
has a track record of successfully growing technology companies. He is a 
graduate of Harvard Business School and holds and Honours Degree in 
Electronics from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

I am personally very pleased that Frank has joined Bacula Systems, for 
lots of reasons, but mostly because it has permitted me to once again 
devote full time to Bacula development :-)

Best regards,


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