Excerpts from Ignacio Cardona's message of Wed Nov 23 14:10:22 -0500 2011:

Hi Ignacia,

>              there is a way to configure bacula in order to receive in my
> email box the report of the backups, what i mean is to receive something to
> be aware if the backups were ok or not.

Do you want a report regardless of success/failure, only when there is
a failure, only on success?

To get reports only for failed jobs, put something like:

mail on error = helpd...@my.co.com = all, !skipped

in the Messages resource of your director.  If you want mail
regardless of job status, simply remove the 'on error' part.

I've opted for mail on error with each job also sending a passive
(nsca) notification to nagios so that we get alerts if a job simply
stops running for some reason.  (On a failure, we get the bacula email
and a nagios email but...that's better than one email per job when the
things are running properly.)

There are still things I don't like about this. Some files that
generate an error for the whole job go under the radar unless you pay
close attention (these are noted in webbacula, for example)...

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