Dear all,

After several month of development, I'm happy to inform you that Bacula-Web 
version 7.0.0 is available from now.

This "major feature" release include several bug fixes and new features which 
will surely interest you.

The features added in this version are

A completly reworked web UI interface
I started to work with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome to make the 
web interface more "responsive" and stop spending hours trying to fix CSS 
compability issues between different browsers.
This transition has also helped me to gain time for the development of the 
But this is only the first step and even if some display bug are present, I 
will do the necessary to solve them quickly.

Dashboard: Stored Files widget
A new widget "Stored Files" have been added to the new dashboard

Bacula director timezone (date/time)
>From this version the date and time are not taken from web server were 
>Bacula-Web is running. But from the Bacula director server.

All details about this new release are available on the news section of the web 

Thanks again to all the people who contributed to this release by creating bug 
reports, feature requests, translation update, etc .... it would not have been 
possible without your help guys ;)

As usual, any questions or remarks are more than welcome

Best regards

Davide Franco

Project site:
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