It seems in version 15, database has some news fields for SSL. If I 
configure bacula with ""--without-openssl", I suppose that new 
parameters take "null" value, but when director tries to connect to 
bacula database, I get some errors from sslkey, sslcert, etc.


El 14/10/2016 a las 9:14, Ralf Brinkmann escribió:
> Am 06.10.2016 um 10:32 schrieb Personal Técnico:
>> Anybody here knows if bacula-7.4.4 could be compiled without "ssl"
>> support in db and, then, allow use database in version 14?
> I don't know if that helps. I added to the my.cnf configuration file the
> following line:
>> skip-networking
> I think the local communication between bacula-director and data base is
> done exclusively via localhost or sockets then.

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