Hi all,

Looking for a bit of suggestion or direction here. Keep in mind, RTFM is a 
valid response so long as you provide some hints as to which M to R where. 😀

I have a pretty straight forward setup using bacula 7 on centos 6 and two tape 
libraries attached via FC to the host. Using a single client to backup several 
nfs/cifs mounts to lto5 tape.

This setup has given me some three years of mostly headache free backups. What 
i have been unable to accomplish is having both changers available for all jobs 
coming from this single client.

Couple of questions,

Should I be using multiple clients or storage daemons?

I already have the single sd configured to use both devices, how can i tell dir 
or client to pick a free tape device from ANY changer when client starts job?

Thanks all for your time and consideration!


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