> Hello!

Hello, THX,

> Is there a functionality that would recycle files on the source system that 
> have
> been successfully backed up?

I don't think so, but it can be easily solved by a creative workaround 
ClientRunAfterJob script. If you must know, dynamically, what files need to be 
deleted, also bconsole installed at the client side and the script run at a 2nd 
different backup job for this same client. E.g.:

JOBID=$(echo "list jobs client=xpto-fd limit=1 order=desc"|bconsole |sed '9!d'| 
cut -f 2 -d "|" )  # fetches last backup JobID for the client
echo "list files jobid=$JOBID" |bconsole |cut -f 2 -d "|" | head -n -7 | tail 
-n +10 | rm -f       # removes the backed up files in the last JOBID

> The point here is that files that are included in a backup are not needed
> anymore on the source system because disk space must be released.

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