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Setting up Bacula 7.0.5 on Centos 7, backing up to a HPE LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 external SAS drive. Everything going fairly smoothly; bacula-sd finds the drive and btape-test reports full success. However, tried doing a test backup from a Win client using a directory of 134Gb. Backup started and appeared to run normally, then after about 21Gb written to tape, Bacula called tape full and requested a new tape be mounted!

I've seen discussions re: block sizes on LTO-5 devices, but much of it a bit over my head. This is the first LT0-5 device I've used although had great success with LT0-4 devices. Here it the output of Tapeinfo:

Product Type: Tape Drive
Vendor ID: 'HP      '
Product ID: 'Ultrium 5-SCSI  '
Revision: 'Z6ED'
Attached Changer API: No
SerialNumber: 'HUJ6326M2G'
MinBlock: 1
MaxBlock: 16777215
Ready: yes
BufferedMode: yes
Medium Type: Not Loaded  -------?!?!?
Density Code: 0x58
BlockSize: 0
DataCompEnabled: yes
DataCompCapable: yes
DataDeCompEnabled: yes
CompType: 0x1
DeCompType: 0x1
BOP: yes
Block Position: 0
Partition 0 Remaining Kbytes: 1470031
Partition 0 Size in Kbytes: 1470031
ActivePartition: 0
EarlyWarningSize: 0
NumPartitions: 0
MaxPartitions: 1

"Medium type - not loaded", there was a tape in the drive, so not sure what that means.

And the resource definitions from the conf files:

------------resource def. from bacula-dir-------------------------------------------------

# Definition of LTO-5 tape device
Storage {
  Name = LTO-5
##Do not use "localhost" here
  Address = godwit.domus-bka.local              # N.B. Use a fully qualified name here
  SDPort = 9103
  Password = "godwitBackup"         # password for Storage daemon
  Device = LTO-5                    # must be same as Device in Storage daemon   Media Type = LTO-5                # must be same as MediaType in Storage daemon
  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 10

------------resource def. from bacula-sd-------------------------------------------------

# A Linux or Solaris LTO-5 tape drive
Device {
  Name = LTO-5
  Media Type = LTO-5
  Archive Device = /dev/st0
  AutomaticMount = yes;               # when device opened, read it
  AlwaysOpen = yes;
  RemovableMedia = yes;
  RandomAccess = no;
  AutoChanger = no
  Maximum File Size = 25GB
## Changer Command = "/usr/libexec/bacula/mtx-changer %c %o %S %a %d"
## Changer Device = /dev/sg0
## AutoChanger = yes
#  # Enable the Alert command only if you have the mtx package loaded
 Alert Command = "sh -c 'tapeinfo -f %c |grep TapeAlert|cat'"
## If you have smartctl, enable this, it has more info than tapeinfo
## Alert Command = "sh -c 'smartctl -H -l error %c'"

Any insight as to what may be happening here, or config items I've left out would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much!

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E:  tplan...@bkaarchs.com
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