I just started working with Bacula (9.0.6) this week and I am in the staging 
phase of things. I currently have a CentOS 7 server set up with most of the 
default settings, with the Dir, SD and MySQL running on the same server in our 
Las Vegas datacenter. I have successfully backed up a couple of CentOS Linux 
servers to the default location of /tmp on this server. Now I’m ready for the 
next step – backing up the data to other servers with dedicated storage.

We have four locations (including Las Vegas) and each location has its own 
CentOS 7 server with a bunch of storage dedicated for storing backups. I would 
like to keep the Director running on the server in Las Vegas but have backups 
for each location’s clients go to their respective storage servers rather than 
over the WAN to the Director server in Las Vegas.

What is needed to accomplish this? Do I need to install Bacula with SD on each 
of the storage servers? If so, how do I let the Director know about the other 
SD servers and then configure the clients to back up their data to a specific 
SD server for each location?

Thanks in advance!

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