My installation is the following:

Fedora 27 fully upgraded

I've just upgraded Fedora from 26 to 27 which also did an upgrade of bacula 
from 7.4.7 to
9.0.6 and therefore I ran update_bacula_tables with success, so everything 
should be OK.

However, when I attempted a backup I got "ERR=Field 'StartTime' doesn't have a 
value". I have been warned that such error might occur and did the following 
to try to correct the database:

1. Stopped bacula
2. dropped the database
3. created the database
4. imported the catalogue from the last backup
5. updated the tables
6. started bacula

Did again a backup but the error was still there. I think it should be possible 
to add a
default value to the 'StartTime' field but since I no nothing about sql 
programming I am
unable to fix it. I hope someone on the list would tell me which commands would 
do the
Thanks in advance.

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