Hello Everybody,

We are pleased to announce a new feature release 1.2.0. In this version we
added two significant changes: deployment capability to easy install and
set up new Bacularis hosts with Bacula components and also the Bacula
software management integrated in the API part. We hope these functions
much help to add to the Bacula environment new Bacula clients or storage
daemons using one common web interface.

If you would like to see how new functions look and work we encourage to
visit the Bacularis documentation. We also prepared two video guides with
new functions. Links both for docs and movies you can find below.

Main changes:

Bacularis Web
 - Implement Bacularis and Bacula component deployment feature
 - Fix assigning user to new host after deploying
 - Add missing texts to translation files

Bacularis API
 - Add Bacula software management capability

Bacularis Common
 - Implement Bacularis and Bacula component deployment feature
 - Add software management endpoints to OAuth2 scopes
 - Add warning to set permissions script
 - Add missing module definition
 - Add missing rules in SELinux unit
 - Fix rule in SELinux unit

Useful links:
 Movie about deployment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nU5TWSZW-0
 Movie about OS profiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0hfI0pBI30
 Release announcement:
 Documentation: https://bacularis.app/doc

Binary packages 1.2.0 for popular Linux distributions are available already
in the package repositories. Docker container images 1.2.0 are available in
the Docker Hub repositories.

Good luck with installations and upgrades.

Best regards,
Marcin Haba (gani)

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