Thank you for the tip.  Apparently, however, this is not the case. bconsole output:

*show pool=FrancoFull
Pool: name=FrancoFull PoolType=Backup
      use_cat=1 use_once=0 cat_files=1
      max_vols=4 auto_prune=1 VolRetention=2 months 2 days
      VolUse=0 secs recycle=1 LabelFormat=FrancoFull
      CleaningPrefix=*None* LabelType=0
      RecyleOldest=0 PurgeOldest=0 ActionOnPurge=1
      MaxVolJobs=1 MaxVolFiles=0 MaxVolBytes=0
      MigTime=0 secs MigHiBytes=0 MigLoBytes=0
      CacheRetention=0 secs
      JobRetention=0 secs FileRetention=0 secs
  --> Storage: name=octavia-file-sd-morgan address=xxxxx SDport=xxxx MaxJobs=1 NumJobs=0
      DeviceName=FileMorgan MediaType=File StorageId=10 Autochanger=0

Any other ideas?

On 9/30/22 04:16, Martin Simmons wrote:
On Thu, 29 Sep 2022 19:04:21 -0700, Bruce Trumbo said:
Can someone explain to me why a backup started manually with bconsole
asked for a label command, when the configuration specifies automatic

It seems that the Label Format entry in the Pool directive is being
ignored.  Why is this?
It could happen if the pool record in the catalog is out of date.

Check the pool in the catalog with:

show pool=FrancoFull

If it shows LabelFormat=*None* then you need to do:

update pool=FrancoFull


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