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I am a bacula newb, but have it working with file backup storage. I recently acquired a tape library with a LTO-5 drive. Along with this came 10 brand new LTO-4 tapes. When I purchase more media, I would like to purchase LTO-5 since there is not much of a cost difference.

How do I setup bacula for the two different tape types? So far my google-fu has failed me. I have the Autochanger and Device setup, currently with Media Type = LTO4 and was able to run the btape tests successfully.

Just use it.

Don't set any maximum values related to the amount of data the tape can swallow, and you'll be fine.

The "Media Type" value is merely an identifier, it has no meaning, you could have used "LTOx" or "MyMagTape" or "SnotGoblin" and it would all work.

Just start using the LTO-4's and when the LTO-5's arrive, label them and away you go.

                Gary    B-)

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