Let me try to help you here

Can you share your lighttpd config ?

Could you also try to run the check from a shell please ?

Please note that there’s a regression for users who setup Bacula-Web for
the first time using the bwc script but I’m already working on a fix.

Best regards

On Fri, 21 Oct 2022 at 23:43 <sru...@gemneye.org> wrote:

> On 2022-10-19 10:02, Davide F. wrote:
> I'm pleased to inform you that Bacula-Web 8.6.1 is now available.
> This new release contains bug fixes and two minor features.
> More details are available on the blog using the link below
> https://www.bacula-web.org/blog/bacula-web-8.6.1/
> Best regards
> Davide
> Web site - https://www.bacula-web.org
> Follow the project on GitHub - https://github.com/bacula-web/bacula-web
> _______________________________________________
> I tried an upgrade.  I downloaded tar file.  Extracted contents.  Renamed
> extracted folder to match old folder name (bacula-web).  Copied over old
> config file.  Set permissions on the "protected" folder to web user
> (lighttpd).  No files in that directory (same as with older version).  I
> get a 403 forbidden error.  Using lighttpd 1.4.54 with php 7.4.32.  I have
> set config['enable_users_auth'] = false in config.php.  I have not done a
> whole lot a debugging or trying to figure out what is going on, but that
> was my initial experience.
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