On 2022-11-30 11:02, Agiofws Holylight wrote:
Hello is the way forcing Bacula to use the oldest volume in a pool ignoring
retention periods?
I have a kind of situation where due to the size all the data being backed up bacula used more than one volume per job so now my oldest volumes have not exceeded the retention. So bacula will not recycle the volumes for the


You can do that but there is a potential risk of dropping useful backup
data in case your regular backup takes substantial number of volumes in a

This is what I am using (it is useful for file volumes):

Maximum Volume Bytes = 10G
Maximum Volumes = <number of volumes> # to be calculated from disk space # and Maximum Volume Bytes (make sure # to leave extra space for at least
                                       # 2 x Maximum Volume Bytes)
AutoPrune = yes
Volume Retention = <retention period>
Recycle = yes
Purge Oldest Volume = yes


Josip Deanovic

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