A manifestation of concern (e.g. art and garbage) is published online. 

"Alarm raised over burial performance"

A University of Toronto staff member is protesting that the experience of 
Austrian art collective monochrom's performance piece "#2: Premature Burial as 
a Field Trial for Near Death Activities" may be too extreme for some volunteer 
participants. The live art piece, to be performed tomorrow at the University of 
Toronto at Mississauga's Blackwood Gallery, buries volunteers in a coffin for 
up to 15 minutes. Elizabeth Olszewska, community outreach co-ordinator in UTM's 
psychology department, says she was shocked when she received an email from the 
gallery inviting faculty, staff and students to get buried alive.


The Austrian art collective claims that in these conditions, someone would be 
able to last in the coffin for days.


"There is art and garbage. Everything that brings me down is garbage, it's not 
the type of art I would like to be involved in," she says.

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