Since 1999, the ROBOEXOTICA Festival for Cocktailrobotics – organised by monochrom, SHIFZ and Bureau für Philosophie – has playfully illustrated that it’s not in the nature of robots to outsmart and displace humans. The robots of the Roboexotica Festival give this away at first glance: there’s one mixing cocktails, one serving Schnapps, one preparing pancakes, yet another one offers wine cooler with elderberry syrup – clumsy at times, but always at your service and culinarily to the point! Roboexotica is a one of a kind platform right at the junction between art, technology, research, and science, taking place November 22nd through 25th at the Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom, and celebrating its 20th anniversary. We want to mark the occasion with as many robots as possible. Therefore, we invite you with this open call to send ideas and proposals as to what kind of cocktail robot you would like to present at the event. Please send your suggestions to until the 31st of October this year.
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