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Submit your films for our 2020 festival.
April 23 - 26 2019

++ Festival 2020 ++

2020 sees the festival return on April 23 - 26, still with the challenging objective to showcase and celebrate the colorful diversity of porn, and stimulate an open, societal debate.

Its mission is to bring a genre back into the public sphere of the cinema that is usually locked away in private quarters. Its prime directive is to present the creativity and political possibilities of a defining (yet always hidden) part of society. The goal is to challenge prejudices and stereotypes.

The festival offers a film and theory program that breaks the monotony boring cheesy mainstream porn - to proudly present feminist, queer & LGBTIQ* positions. The Porn Film Festival Vienna wants to create an open and welcoming space for reception, discussion, and reflection and to challenge and broaden horizons.

Because porn can be: lustful, honest, friendly and self-determined!

++ Submissions Open! ++

We are glad being able to invite you to submit your films for our 2020 festival. Submission deadline 12/31/2019.

You can ONLY submit using the direct link to FilmFreeway we provide below. (It is FilmFreeway policy to hide porn-oriented festivals from the search on their site.)

We would love to receive films on topics that give us insight on sexual liberation, sex activism, sex work, intimacy, body/gender/ethnic diversity, feminist porn, the impact of internet porn on our sexuality and of course, lots and lots of sex and fun!

Very much looking forward to check out your films! Wohoo!

Submit Your Film!

++ Expanding Our Team ++

Do you like to watch porn? Is the topic of sex not a taboo for you? Are you creative? Then join the PFFV orga for the 2020 festival! Please send us your CV and tell us why you want to join our team!

We are searching in a lot of different categories: administration, press work, social media, marketing, sponsoring, text writing, event management, guest management, website & design, etc. The festival looks out for new team members based in Vienna (or at least Austria).

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