Learning From Miami: An Architectural Guide to Coping With Urban Sprawl

Quote: >>It was at Yale in 1968 that Venturi and a small group of professors and students first unleashed their ideas on the academic world. Theirs was a two-pronged aesthetic diatribe, both a scathing criticism of modern architecture and a promotion of roadside American architecture, specifically the commercial strip. It all began as a university lecture called "A Significance For A&P Parking Lots," in which Venturi calls the huge parking lot fronting any less significant building "...the greatest evolution of vast space since Versailles." Later, the lecture was expanded into a formal written manifesto, Venturi's infamous masterwork Learning From Las Vegas (1972). Venturi still designs architecture today: He recently proposed the addition of the largest clock face in the world to the top of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.<<


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