By Alvin M. Saperstein.

Intro: >>I have taught introductory astronomy and physical science for many years. I also teach courses on the application of science to world affairs: the impact of war and technology on the historical development of human society (and vice versa) as well as the "war" between man and nature. I explore the historical development of the sciences as well as the scientific view of the evolutionary nature of the universe and its inhabitants. In recent years, I have noted an increasing number of students who are "uncomfortable" with, or actually object to, such evolutionary paradigms. They state, or hint, that they accept the Bible literally as a historical and scientific text. They believe that fixed biological species were created, together with the earth and its universe, some six thousand years ago. How can I teach these biblical literalists while respecting them and others in my classes and remaining true to the requirements of scientific and educational professionalism and the needs of modern society?<<


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