<http://www.inside-artzine.de>Inside artzine #11 is out.

This time with MAXIMUM ARTSCUM from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia - Evil & Subversive Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Stories, Poems, Reports from Naoto Hattori (JAP), J.K. Potter (USA), Jan Off (GER), Marcel Ruijters (NL), Microbo (ITA), Karl Persson (AUS), Mike Bohatch (USA), Fabrice Lavolley (BEL), Urs Böke (GER) & many other weirdos....
+++++ "Are you still playing with dolls?!" - Dolls & Sculptures,
+++++ "R'leih Cthulhu" - Interviewtrip with H.P. Hutter
+++++ "Ink means eternity " - The tattoomummies from Riberalta
+++++ Reviews

<http://www.inside-artzine.de/secret/_mediadungeon/INSIDEartzine11_72dpi.pdf>Link <http://www.inside-artzine.de/secret/_mediadungeon/INSIDEartzine11_72dpi.pdf>(PDF)
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