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one of my friends recently returned from the SED conference in Florida,
and he forwarded me the following bit of news which was shared
with the participants. thought it would be of interest to
you all as well. lots of love, me


Hi my friends,

I wish you could all have been at this conference with me. It was very uplifting and made me truly miss you all....I'll send you pictures tonight. But here's just a brief story that was shared with us....one of the ladies from here that was at the conference wrote this up. Love you all.

Another very exciting thing we heard about is this.....

As you may have heard - Jack Lenz had done some of the music for the Passion of the Christ (the research alone took him 15 mths to do!) and he told us all at the SED conference, that a few months ago he met again with Mel Gibson and another producer from the movie in a hotel in L.A. and they were so appreciative of what he had done for their movie that they asked him what they could do for him.

Jack is sooooo sweet and the most humble person I know and his eyes sparkle and are always full of gentle happiness. He told them that he had always wanted to see a movie made about the 10 Iranian Baha'i women who had been martyred in the 80's (you know the ones that were martyred along with Mona who was only 15 yrs old and asked to be the last one hung so she could pray for the other woman to stay strong and face their deaths without fear or recanting their Faith- and Doug Cameron years ago had made that video and song "Mona with the Children"). He gave them a letter that Mona had written to read and when the producer looked up he was crying. So then they said to Jack "What do you need?"

And Jack said laughingly "Oh, about $10 million Dollars!" and they said "Done!"

So Jack has just finished the script and will be sending it to them by the end of this month!

When he told everyone this story at the conference, all the Iranians started crying. I think it was more out of profound gratitude that these courageous souls will not be forgotten and that their story might become immortalized in film. Jack gave them some Baha'i books to read.

We'll see what happens as I understand Mr. Gibson is a very devout Catholic.

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