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> I would appreciate clear guidance on how to recognize the wheat from the
> chaff!

Dear Kathryn,

There isn't any 'clear' guidance on this issue but if you have
suspicions you can always contact the Baha'i Internet Agency. They
pretty much keep up with what is on the internet. There are 'key
words' which are often used by these groups which help me to spot them
right away. For instance anyone purporting to be a Baha'i who goes on
and on about the "Throne of David" is likely to be a Jensenite because
this is something they are obsessed with. Anyone referring to
mainstream Baha'is  as "Haifan Baha'is" are likely to be hostile
towards the Universal House of Justice whether they are declared
Covenant breakers or not. Remeyites use terms like 'sans-Guardian' and
'heterodox' to refer to mainstream Baha'is.
Then, of course, there are people like Stephen who may throw these
terms around without having the foggiest idea who they imply. ;-}

I would like to add here that if there are any questions people have
regarding some of the material they read on the internet, they should
feel free to raise them here. What I have *discouraged* is the posting
of the URLs of Covenant breakers and those hostile towards the Faith
or the Universal House of Justice.

warmest, Susan

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